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Additional Information Pirelli P Zero R

The New P ZERO™ R is the choice of prestige car manufacturers to maximize road performance and driving pleasure of their newest sportscars and superSUVs. Its new compounds and design extend the dynamic performance to a wide working range, both wet and dry conditions, while improve rolling resistance, noise, comfort and milage allowing a daily use of modern sports vehicle. New P ZERO™ R is also available with the ELECT™ technology for PHEV and BEV models.


  • The P Zero R has been designed to combine both effectiveness and efficiency, even on the track where it delivers consistent performance without fading away
  • The central part of the tread has been stiffened thanks to more robust blocks, while the external part features a land-sea ratio that favours handling through corners
  • The shallower depth of the grooves means that less energy is now dissipated and rolling resistance is consequently lowered
  • Noise reduction was also a priority, to offer increased comfort aboard the top-level cars for which these tires were designed
  • Pirelli- patented triple resin compound reacts to different driving environments, offering sporting performance in ideal conditions, driveability in normal conditions, and safety in wet or cold conditions


Part NumberSizeService
4111800245/35R2095Y26.8Black Sidewall0Out of StockInquire for Price
4231200265/35R21101Y28.3Black Sidewall0Out of StockInquire for Price
4193400265/40R21105Y29.3Black Sidewall0In Stock Inquire for Price
4231300305/30R21104Y28.2Black Sidewall0Out of StockInquire for Price
4193600305/35R21109Y29.4Black Sidewall0Out of StockInquire for Price
4435900315/30R21105Y28.4Black Sidewall0Out of StockInquire for Price