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Ziex ZE001 A/S

  • All Season
  • Sidewalls: Black Sidewall
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Additional Information

Falken Ziex ZE001 A/S

The ZIEX line of performance tires, entirely backed by Falken’s Road Hazard Protection Guarantee, utilizes the latest in tire technology and design to provide a smooth, quiet and comfortable ride. From sports cars to luxury SUVs and light trucks, the ZIEX line delivers confidence-inspiring performance and all-weather safety for an abundance of vehicles on the road today.



Part NumberSizeStock
59000550225/55R18 98H (27.7")48
50000930245/50R20 102H (29.6")0
59000930245/50R20 102H (29.6")16
50000210245/50R20 102H (29.6")0
59000650245/50R20 102H (29.6")100+
50000650245/50R20 102H (29.6")0
59000210245/50R20 102H (29.6")13
59000590235/60R18 103H (29.1")100+
59000440P225/45R19 92W (27")69
50000590235/60R18 103H (29.1")0
50000460225/60R18 100H (28.6")0
50000700225/60R18 100H (28.6")0
59000460225/60R18 100H (28.6")4
50000060225/60R18 100H (28.6")0
59000700225/60R18 100H (28.6")70
59000330225/55R18 98H (27.7")76
59000600225/55R18 98H (27.7")21
59000060225/60R18 100H (28.6")86
50000440P225/45R19 92W (27")0