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Roadtour Connect AS

  • All Season, Touring
  • Sidewalls: Black Sidewall
  • Warranty: 55k Mile
Picture of Roadtour Connect AS

Additional Information

Hercules Roadtour Connect AS

The Roadtour Connect AS is an all-season touring tire that connects all the dots, keeping you and your family more connected to the drive all-year long. Advanced features resulting from over eight years of product R&D deliver reliable performance and a more comfortable ride. Plus, Hercules’ industry-leading Performance Promise ensures pure peace of mind every time you get behind the wheel. Add in an affordable price point, and it’s easy to make the connection to the Roadtour Connect AS.



Part NumberSizeStock
98692185/60R15 84H (23.7")0
98714225/50R17 94V (25.9")44
98715225/55R17 97V (26.7")14
98716225/55R18 98H (27.7")58
98717225/60R16 98H (26.6")0
98744225/60R17 99H (27.6")0
98719225/60R18 100H (28.6")64
98720225/65R16 100H (27.5")0
98721225/65R17 102H (28.5")50
98722225/70R16 103T (28.4")0
98723235/45R18 94V (26.3")32
98724235/50R18 97V (27.3")20
98725235/55R17 99H (27.2")40
98745235/55R18 100V (28.2")28
98727235/60R17 102H (28.1")0
98728235/65R16 103H (28")0
98729235/65R17 104H (29")20
98730235/75R15 105T (28.9")0
98713225/45R18 95V (26")0
98731245/45R18 100V (26.7")0
98712215/75R15 100T (27.7")8
98710215/70R15 98T (26.9")32
98693185/65R14 86H (23.5")0
98694185/65R15 88H (24.5")0
98695195/60R15 88H (24.2")0
98696195/65R15 91H (25")60
98697205/55R16 91V (24.9")80
98698205/60R16 92V (25.7")60
98699205/65R15 94H (25.5")0
98700205/65R16 95H (26.5")0
98701205/70R15 96T (26.3")0
98702205/75R15 97T (27.1")0
98703215/50R17 95V (25.5")8
98704215/55R16 97H (25.3")0
98705215/55R17 94V (26.3")42
98706215/60R16 95V (26.2")32
98707215/60R17 96H (27.2")0
98708215/65R16 98H (27")48
98709215/65R17 99T (28")0
98711215/70R16 100T (27.9")16
98746255/45R19 100V (28")0