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MS775 Touring SLE

  • All Season, Touring
  • Sidewalls: White Sidewall
  • Warranty: 40k Mile
Picture of MS775 Touring SLE

Additional Information

Milestar MS775 Touring SLE

The MS775 TOURING SLE is a modern tire designed for a variety of vehicles. It is available in hard to find 13, 14, and 15-inch wheel diameter sizes for classic Japanese, European and American cars looking for a narrow-white-striped sidewall tire. Striped whitewall tires are ideal for a range of fitments including classics, lowriders, lowrider bombs, custom sedans, custom coupes and post-1962 luxury cars. The MS775 TOURING SLE will also give some classic restorations the period-correct look they seek at a more affordable price. With whitewall and black sidewall options, this versatile tire looks great for taking the scenic path or cruising around the town. Circumferential interlocking tread blocks provide stability and traction while the open shoulder grooves aid in expelling water for a smooth and pleasant ride.



Part NumberSizeStock
24160016P155/80R13 79S (22.8")0
24700003P175/80R13 86S (24")0
24715005P185/75R14 89S (24.9")0
24720005P195/75R14 92S (25.5")0
24240015P205/70R15 95S (26.3")0
24725005P205/75R14 95S (26.1")0
24740013P205/75R15 97S (27.1")0
24244002P215/70R14 96S (25.9")0
24245013P215/70R15 97S (26.9")0
24745008P215/75R15 100S (27.7")0
24750005P225/75R15 102S (28.3")0
24760010P235/75R15 105S (28.9")0