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iON icept SUV

  • 3PMS, Directional, EV Compatible, M+S, Winter
  • Sidewalls: Black Sidewall
Picture of iON icept SUV

Additional Information

Hankook iON icept SUV

Evolutionized to perform more in winter. With Hankook Sound Absorber, The iON i*cept offers a quiet and pleasant ride in all speed ranges. The iON i*cept is engineered and designed to bear the high torque power of Electric Vehicles and to provide accurate handling to keep you safe in all road hazards in winter.



Part NumberSizeStock
1033390235/50R21 100V (30.3")0
1033376265/40R22 106H (30.3")0
1033392255/55R19 111V (30")0
1033375255/50R20 109H (30")0
1033381255/50R19 107H (29")0
1033399255/45R20 105V (29")0
1033383255/45R19 104V (28")0
1033371265/45R21 108H (30.4")0
1033374255/40R22 103V (30")0
1033387255/40R20 101V (28")0
1033385255/35R21 98V (28")0
1033389245/50R20 105V (29.6")0
1033393235/65R18 110V (30")0
1033382235/60R18 103H (29.1")0
1033398235/55R19 105V (29.2")0
1033397255/40R21 102V (29")0
1033388275/35R21 103V (28.6")0