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Firehawk AS V2

  • All Season, Performance
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Firestone Firehawk AS V2

Experience exciting, sporty performance 365 days a year with the Firehawk AS V2 tire. Its INDYCAR-inspired tread pattern was designed to deliver sporty grip and responsive handling through corners that Firehawk tires are known for. The interlocking lugs and large outboard tread blocks ensure confident wet handling and hydroplaning resistance. Plus, the 3D full-depth sipes on each and every rib allow the Firehawk AS V2 to excel in snow throughout the life of the tire. With the Firehawk AS V2, you’ll keep the excitement rolling mile after mile – all year long.



Part NumberSizeStock
008249205/50R17 93V (25.1")0
008250235/50R18 97W (27.3")2
008255235/55R17 99W (27.2")0
008261235/55R18 100V (28.2")0
013416235/55R19 105W (29.2")0
013419235/55R20 102W (30.2")0
013407235/60R18 103V (29.1")0
008275245/40R18 97W (25.7")0
008262245/40R19 98W (26.7")0
008264235/50R17 96V (26.3")0
012040245/40R20 99W (27.7")0
008251245/45R18 100W (26.7")0
008259245/45R19 98W (27.7")0
008256245/45R20 103W (28.7")0
013408245/50R18 100W (27.6")0
013420245/50R20 102V (29.6")0
013409245/55R18 103W (28.6")0
011597255/40R19 100W (27")4
012041255/45R20 105W (29")0
008278245/45R17 99W (25.7")0
013422265/50R20 107V (30.4")0
008240235/45R18 94W (26.3")0
008258235/40R19 96V (26.4")0
008241215/45R17 91W (24.6")0
012036215/45R18 93W (25.6")0
008236215/50R17 95W (25.5")0
008230215/55R17 94V (26.3")0
008281215/55R18 95H (27.3")0
014736215/65R17 99H (28")0
008234225/40R18 92W (25.1")0
008245225/45R17 94W (25")4
008270235/45R17 97W (25.3")0
008248225/45R18 95W (26")0
008235225/50R17 98W (25.9")0
008253225/50R18 95W (26.9")0
008243225/55R17 97V (26.7")2
013406225/55R18 98V (27.7")0
013415225/55R19 99V (28.7")0
008279225/60R17 99V (27.6")0
008268225/60R18 100V (28.6")0
008260235/40R18 95W (25.4")0
012039225/45R19 96W (27")0
008276275/40R20 106W (28.7")0