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Cinturato Winter 2

  • 3PMS, Directional, Winter
  • Sidewalls: Black Sidewall
Picture of Cinturato Winter 2

Additional Information

Pirelli Cinturato Winter 2

The CINTURATO™ WINTER 2 has been designed to cater to the safety and comfort requirements of American consumers. Leveraging Pirelli's cutting-edge technologies, this tire delivers exceptional performance in snowy conditions, prioritizing safety and control with outstanding braking capabilities. This latest addition to Pirelli's Cinturato™ range is specifically tailored for contemporary cars and CUVs. Moreover, you can now experience a quieter winter driving experience, courtesy of the significant reduction in noise generated compared to the previous model.



Part NumberSizeStock
3931000195/55R16 91H (24.4")0
3933800225/55R18 102V (27.7")0
3944100225/55R18 102H (27.7")4
3933000225/55R17 101V (26.7")2
3932900225/50R17 98V (25.9")0
3933900225/45R19 96V (27")18
3933600225/45R18 95V (26")2
4407900225/45R17 94V (25")0
3932700225/45R17 94V (25")0
3932600225/45R17 91H (25")2
4407800225/45R17 91H (25")0
3933500225/40R18 92V (25.1")9
4408000225/40R18 92V (25.1")0
4135000215/60R17 100V (27.2")0
4252700215/55R18 99H (27.3")74
3932500215/55R17 98V (26.3")49
3932400215/55R17 98H (26.3")49
4288800215/55R16 97H (25.3")34
3933400215/50R18 92V (26.5")0
3933300215/40R18 89V (24.8")0
3966100205/65R17 100H (27.5")0
4288400205/60R16 96H (25.7")0
4282600205/55R17 95H (25.9")23
3931100205/55R16 91H (24.9")81
4407700205/55R16 91H (24.9")0
3931200205/55R16 94H (24.9")100+
3931900205/50R17 93V (25.1")28
4177100205/40R18 86V (24.5")0
3933200235/55R17 103V (27.2")2
4271800235/55R17 99H (27.2")0