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Cinturato P7 (P7C2)

  • Performance, Summer, Touring
  • Sidewalls: Black Sidewall
Picture of Cinturato P7 (P7C2)

Additional Information

Pirelli Cinturato P7 (P7C2)

The CINTURATO P7™ (P7C2) is the latest Pirelli Summer high-performance tire for premium cars and crossovers designed with a strong focus on control in wet conditions, mileage, and rolling resistance. The innovative compound materials, new tread pattern design and profile are engineered to provide extreme levels of control, grip and performance.



Part NumberSizeStock
3145800205/45R17 88W (24.3")0
3221200225/45R18 91Y (26")0
3221400225/40R19 93Y (26.1")0
3959700215/50R18 96V (26.5")0
3562500205/55R17 91V (25.9")0
3145900205/45R17 88W (24.3")0
3573500275/40R18 103Y (26.7")0
3245300255/45R19 104Y (28")8
3142400225/45R18 95Y (26")0
3150100255/45R19 104Y (28")16
3381900245/50R19 105W (28.6")100+
3573400245/45R18 100Y (26.7")0
3820400235/55R19 105H (29.2")3
3655800235/55R18 104T (28.2")5
3158300235/45R18 98W (26.3")0
3495700225/60R18 104W (28.6")0
3628100225/55R17 97Y (26.7")13
3146100255/40R18 99Y (26")0
3627700225/50R18 95W (26.9")0