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Blizzak LM005

  • 3PMS, Directional, Performance, Winter
  • Sidewalls: Black Sidewall
Picture of Blizzak LM005

Additional Information

Bridgestone Blizzak LM005

Get the most of out your sports car this winter with the Blizzak LM005 winter performance tire. Its high sipe density tread assists with traction on snow and ice, while the advanced tread compound provides confident grip and braking. Whatever winter throws your way – from rain and slush to snow and ice – the Blizzak LM005 tire will keep you moving in various conditions.



Part NumberSizeStock
007902225/40R18 92V (25.1")0
014398255/45R20 (29")0
015047245/50R19 105H (28.6")0
013790235/55R19 105H (29.2")1
015048235/50R20 104T (29.3")0
013779225/40R18 92V (25.1")0
014399285/40R20 108V (29")0
014148255/55R19 111H (30")0
014400255/50R19 103T (29")0
014397255/45R20 101T (29")0
007912255/40R19 100V (27")0
007921255/40R18 99V (26")0
007914255/35R19 96V (26")0
007907245/45R20 103V (28.7")0
007903245/45R19 102V (27.7")0
007900245/40R19 98V (26.7")2
014401235/55R19 101T (29.2")0
014396235/50R20 100T (29.3")26
007896235/45R18 98V (26.3")1
012331235/40R19 96V (26.4")0
014394225/55R18 102H (27.7")0
014143225/50R17 98H (25.9")0
015168265/35R20 99W (27.3")0
015049265/45R20 108T (29.4")0