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Alenza 001 RFT

  • Run-Flat, Summer
Picture of Alenza 001 RFT

Additional Information

Bridgestone Alenza 001 RFT

The Bridgestone Alenza 001 Run Flat is a summer tire designed to compliment your SUV or crossover and maximize handling and performance in dry and wet conditions. With features like instant steering response and straight line stability, better braking and a flat contact patch for traction. The Alenza 001 Run Flat by Bridgestone inspires confidence and comfort.



Part NumberSizeStock
014528225/50R18 95V (26.9")0
004742225/60R18 104W (28.6")8
013589235/50R20 100V (29.3")0
007218235/55R19 101V (29.2")0
007275245/40R21 100Y (28.7")100+
004749245/45R20 103W (28.7")100+
009026245/45R20 103W (28.7")8
012266245/50R19 105W (28.6")5
013542245/50R19 105W (28.6")0
007220255/45R20 101W (29")0
007276275/35R21 103Y (28.6")100+
004750275/40R20 106W (28.7")39
009027275/40R20 106W (28.7")3
012265275/45R20 110Y (29.7")0
004043275/50R20 113W (30.8")0
004037305/40R20 112Y (29.6")8